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Congratulations on the perfect passing of the online evaluation meeting for a gold mine in Inner Mongolia!

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In August 2020, Xi'an Kuangyuan Nonferrous Metallurgical Research Institute signed a contract with a certain Inner Mongolia Gold Mine Co., Ltd. for the construction of a gold mine beneficiation process test.

In October 2020, we received samples from Party B and vigorously carried out sample mixing and ore blending work. Through process mineralogy research on the samples, we developed a beneficiation test plan. Conduct gold extraction experiments using various beneficiation processes such as flotation, gravity separation, and complete sliming and decyanation of tailings. The project is mainly divided into two parts: primary ore and oxidized ore.

Due to the epidemic situation, the ore selection report review meeting will be held online on March 8, 2021 (today) through consultation between both parties. Our technical personnel will explain the complete version of the mineral processing test report in professional terminology and clear logic, and provide professional answers to the questions raised by Party B. Finally, both sides unanimously applauded and expressed their approval of this evaluation meeting.

The successful conclusion of this Inner Mongolia mineral processing experimental project is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of every employee in the company. Every employee of Xi'an Mining Source has always adhered to the service philosophy of "satisfying customers", providing perfect beneficiation test results for every customer.